The Positive Relations Project

The Positive Relations Project was supported by the EU's PEACE III Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body

Engage and empower women to contribute to post-conflict transition, reconciliation and reconstruction, building capacity for women to participate through empowerment and skills acquisition

Training for Women Network (TWN) in cooperation with project partner Women into Politics (WIP) have formally launched their European Union funded Positive Relations Project at a reception in Hillsborough Castle.

The project aims to engage and empower women to contribute to post-conflict transition, reconciliation and reconstruction across Northern Ireland and the six border counties through a programme of training and cross community interaction.

Following the successful approval of the project TWN/WiP have subsequently appointed 23 local organisations from Northern Ireland and the 6 border counties to act as Regional Project Management Agencies (RPMAs).

These RMPA’s will act as an extension of the strategic, regional and local cross border partnerships to identify and agree target groups the project areas and under take the delivery of capacity-building courses and activities in the areas of personal development, political awareness and reconciliation training. In addition the RMPA’S will provide support and mentoring to the targeted groups that will result in tangible relationship-building initiatives within and between other targeted groups.

Groups will also be encouraged to engage in network building to sustain linkages and forge lasting relationship.

Training activities

The Positive Relations Project incorporates a number of training activities which are delivered to local women through their local RPMA. The following training and development elements are delivered in each local area:

The Regional Project Management Agencies