TEO COIN Project

The aim of this project is to increase the sense of community belonging between participants while exploring the religious institutions/buildings, which have formed our sense of self so that participants are equipped and feel able to positively contribute to good relations between communities. 

Women will undertake cross-community sessions where they will learn about the Protestant and Catholic religions exploring their similarities and differences, how their teachings has played into the politics of Northern Ireland and the role they play in good relations work. 

The Religious Education training explores the Catholic and Protestant traditions as a whole, with a look at historical differences, including the Great Schism (between western Roman Catholic and eastern Orthodoxy) and the Protestant Reformations.

The aim of the training will be to develop ecumenical attitudes (close relationships and better understandings among different church traditions). 

After these sessions, participants will visit  churches (both Protestant and Catholic) where dialogue sessions will be held allowing participants the opportunity to fully explore their views on each other’s religion as well as how religion has informed they outlook towards 'the other community'. 

These dialogue events will allow participants to more fully understand each other's point of view to more firmly establish relationships post project by getting to the root causes of feelings and views to create a firmer base on each good relations can be erected on. 

DC Tours - September 2020 

We had 2 sessions during September with DC Tours, the first one was looking at William, Prince of Orange and the Catholic King Louis XIV of France who was in coalition with both Protestant and Catholic powers in Europe.

This in turn would have a tremendous impact on many people’s faith today. 

The second session was around the famine in Ireland and the role the Churches played at that time.

Greyabbey visit - August 2020

Over 30 women attended a story telling session from DC Tours on the History of the monastery and the site of the Old Abbey on the Ards Peninsula.

The Abbey dates back from 1193 which captured the interest of the women Paul from DC Tours told about the fires that destroyed the Abbey and the rebuilding that happened and why.

Paul and Mark from DC Tours gave a guided tour of the ruined Cistercian Abbey at Grey Abbey, the group were delighted to discover that uniquely, it is the only Cistercian abbey in Ireland to be founded by a woman. 

Grey Abbey was such an experience for the women it was a great insight into the Abbey and the surrounding area as they walked through the beautiful grounds while Paul from DC Tours explained the History dating back 100s of years capturing the attention of the women, particularly being founded by a woman! 

The women truly love to visit the old Churches and buildings as they get more of a sense off feeling and belonging when they are on site.