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W6-2014-1Please check out our newly launched e-zine! W6 – who | what | when | where | why | women – is all about...women! Did you guess?! This quarter's features include:

  • Gender in Northern Ireland politics
  • Recommendations and lessons learned from the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict
  • How TWN ensures the women's voices are heard at the regional, national and international levels
  • Our new training programmes including leadership and management based off the latest research

W6 will be released on a quarterly basis in the months of January, April, July, and October to our extensive contact list. TWN members are eligible to submit articles to our magazine. The deadline for submitting each quarter is the 15th of the previous month in time for article placement and review of relevance. To find out more information, please contact Sarah at

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ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management


The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management is unique in that it allows the learner to identify and undertake a robust data-driven enquiry, based on an investigative proposal negotiated with their own stakeholders. The projects serve as a basis for developing and evaluating a high-level business cases to further their organisations' strategic aims or priorities.

Current senior managers and highly qualified trainers mentor the candidates as they complete their projects. Additionally, the candidates actively participate in a learning community with their peers, exploring their personal strategic management styles and giving feedback to each other.

Joanne Zebedee, lead trainer, has been training senior managers for over 15 years: "TWN and I strongly encourage senior leaders to undertake this new, exciting qualification that complements learning to current work place demands and responsibilities."

Norma Shearer, CEO of TWN: "By investing in management development and change leadership, organisations can ensure that their leaders are confident in their abilities and able to lead employees and further the strategic aims of the organisation."

There are no formal entry requirements. All senior managers and completers of ILM Level 5 & 6 qualifications or the Level 7 award are encouraged to apply.

For the course description and schedule, download the flyer. Details about the ILM Level 7 programme can be found here.



Six delegates attend Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

'Women are the ultimate victims of violence but they are also the ultimate sources of change.' - Judy Cheng Hopkins, UN Assistant Secretary General

As an Organisation in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2012 (United Nations), TWN successfully approached OFMDFM with the idea of the Gender Equality Unit sponsoring six grassroots women delegates to attend the Summit in order to bring back learning to Northern Ireland. 

Read more: Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict


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