Women groups participated a cross-community dialogue at Brownlow House in Lurgan

5 groups visited Brownlow House in Lurgan as part of our TEO funded ‘Framing the Future through the Past’ project; this was the final element of our cross-community dialogue for the project.

The groups attending were:

The participants listened to David Martin speak about Lurgan as a town and it was known as a ‘divided town’.

He spoke of Lurgan being as part of the ‘murder triangle’ and how Brownlow House was an open and shared space for everyone.

He spoke of the history of the Brownlow family and gave everyone a short tour of the building.

The participants were engaged in cross-community dialogue both during the session with David and afterwards in the tea-room.

As some of the groups had met previously, those friendships were renewed and new friendships were made between groups who hadn’t previously had the opportunity to meet.