Creative Education and Accredited Training Experience

The project aims to support 300 young women aged 16-24 to overcome the barriers they face in their journey towards accessing further education or entering employment over 3 years.

This programme offers a tailored approach to personal development and employability training including one to one support and activities over an approximate three-six month period through a range of activities including incentive activities, soft skills and work skills training, pre vocational training in numeracy, literacy and computing, employability workshops, Next Step courses, mentoring and one to one support, and regional employer educational and liaison programmes are.

The project will address barriers to participation by offering support on childcare and transport. Initially the project uses incentive activities, offering skills in journalism and publishing, film, television and stage and music production and event management based on participant request to introduce personal development, develop communication skills and increase confidence.

By developing these softer skills and having a sense of achievement young women will be encouraged to consider moving on to a training programme based on individual goals and including accredited training at level one.

The eventual aim for the young women is to have developed a strong network of support and be able to identify a progression route and be signposted to further education or employment.

Additionally, young women who have participated will become mentors for other young women starting.

Project highlights

TWN certified CREATE Personal Development training

Soft skills and works skills training including confidence building and motivation.

Pre-vocational Skills Training covering pre-GCSE numeracy, literacy and computing skills.

Employability workshops in activities such as job search, networking and CV writing.

Mentoring and Guidance support

Regional Employer Liaison Programme

Regional College Liaison Programme

Make-up and spray tan skills incentive activity