Norma Shearer (Chief Executive Officer)

Norma is responsible for the overall financial, strategic and operational management of all staff and aspects of TWN's work and development.


Kathleen McBrien - Deputy CEO


Heather Lindsay (Office Manager)

Heather’s job role ranges from assisting the Chief Executive and Board to Personnel Officer, training co-ordination and working directly with funded projects.


Elizabeth Thompson  (Project officer)

Elizabeth works with various projects, associated organisations and managing authorities. 


John Mooney (Policy & research officer)

John is responsible for carrying out research projects, evaluation, policy development, responding to consultations, lobbying and building external relationships. 


John Rogan (Project Officer)

John is responsible for the management and delivery of various project, working directly with the project partners, associated organisation and managing authorities.


Michelle Smith (Finance officer)

Michelle is responsible for the monitoring and updating of TWN’s financial systems, procedures & controls.


Sarah Stack (Training and Development Officer)

Sarah’s role includes the development and provision of innovative and unique training opportunities for internal/external clients as well as developing and promoting the company’s training products. Additionally, she coordinates the social media strategy.


Ron Yung (Information Systems Officer)

Ron is responsible for the development, implementation and review of information and communication systems to support and ensure the needs of the organisation are met in a cost effective manner.

Ai Hien Nguyen Thi

Rosheen Heath